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Talk 2 GPT

With a sleek design, minimalistic User Interface and cutting-edge features, the app revolutionises the way you interact with your digital world, keeping your most important tools and functions right on your wrist. Stay Connected with Voice-Enabled Functionality and integrate your life with AutoGPT’s advanced voice recognition technology for seamless, hands-free control. Simply speak your commands and let our AI-driven smartwatch app do the rest. it’s all just a voice command away. Stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues with our user-to-user messaging feature. Send and receive messages, share photos, or even conduct group chats – all from the convenience of your wrist. Say goodbye to complex passwords and cumbersome authentication processes.


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With our groundbreaking heart rate biometric technology, your unique heartbeat pattern becomes your secure ID. Authenticate transactions, log in to your accounts, and access your digital assets with unparalleled security and ease.


Advanced voice-enabled functions for hands-free control with Real-time crypto wallet tracking for seamless portfolio management and easy user-to-user messaging to stay connected with loved ones Cutting-edge heart rate biometrics for secure ID verification. Join the next generation of smartwatch technology with the BEAST AI SmartWatch.$BEAST Token and BEAST AI are an integral part of PUBLICAE ́s and NWO STATE DAO ecosystem of utilities..

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