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Beast.Exchange offers its registered users wallet features with unique token addresses that facilitate the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency through direct bank transfers or fiat payment gateways. BEASTEX Peer-to-Peer (P2P) trading system pairs buyers and sellers of crypto, while social profiles equipped with a chat function which allows traders to negotiate prices and payment methods directly. Moderators are on hand to resolve any disputes. The platform also features an advanced dashboard designed for cryptocurrency transactions, offering single, multiple, and time-limited shareable links to accommodate various payment situations, complete with verification processes.




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The initial fair launch of $BEAST Token on Ethereum and Solana Blockchain facilitates the commencing of BEASTEX services which offer flexible staking plans for tokens and NFTs and extended Synthetic Assets engine trading options. $BEAST Token and Beast.Exchange are an integral part of PUBLICAE ́s and NWO STATE DAO ecosystem of utilities.


The social status indicating a user’s presence is refreshed instantly, displaying as either “online,” “away,” or “offline” based on their activity on the system. Users have the option to connect with their reliable trading partners, either by following them or being followed. This feature ensures quick access to trustworthy P2P trading deals or allows users to limit the visibility of their offers exclusively to trusted traders.

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