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In our diligent effort to contribute to real synergetic market effects, we always strive to achieve multilateral partnerships currently arising within the decentralized crypto space in the world. Publicae´s work, albeit mostly found on the sidelines of breaking Crypto news, nevertheless aims at amplifying such collective efforts and their true-felt impacts in the world towards empowerment of people across all nations and borders.

The #PBLCNFT is a non-fungible token (NFT) which will contribute added value and foundational structure for an entire a new generation of Politicoin Synthetic Assets based on PBLCNFT´s themselves as an asset class. These NFT assets will allow us to bridge real-world tangible assets like commodities to Politicoin´s structural utility governance. This work, is for us a natural next step, on the path towards a global economic revolution which is currently rapidly evolving within the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem supported by Blockchain technology. Therein we see; regarding these matters, how projects are increasingly attracting capital from other traditional popular investment products and commodity markets.

What is this all about?

If you are still wondering PUBLICAE is doing this, keep reading; you are about to get enlightened, because once you start to believe in the #DecentralizedGospel that many preach; #InCryptoWeTrust, your eyes will be wide open, and you will stand ready and steadfast to embrace the transformational nature of Synthetic Asset NFT´s.

If you get over how technical and abstract the term “Synthetic Assets” sounds, you will be surprised by how simple the concept earnestly is, functionally speaking. Synthetic Assets are an exciting development set to disrupt ownership monopoly of commodities like Gold and other Precious Metals, as well as any other imaginable tangible commodity in sectors like: Agricultural, Industrial and Energy (Ps. energy is non-physical / intangible).

The development of PBLCNFT´s are thus set to unveil PUBLICAE´s long-term strategic industry-reformative approach to democratization of end-user attention and inherent data-analysis of the PBLC ERC-20 token valuation data.

To achieve this, through efficient real-time price oracles, a natural standardization and interoperability for PBLCNFT´s will increasingly facilitate Politicoin (PBLC) adoption and userbase retention. This act will support NFT artists and collectors in the marketplace and the decentralized cryptocurrency market at large, so they truly can leverage their individual political powers in modern democracies.

A synthetic asset is simply a derivative of another asset, it “derives” its value from an underlying asset or index.

Financial derivatives exist in the traditional world of finance; they derive their value from other underlying assets like commodities, precious metals, currencies, bonds, stocks, or any other alternative asset classes. Synthetic Assets based on blockchain technology in all its basic essence, equips smart contracts with integral utility and features through the addition and connection to decentralized liquidity pools. As such, owners of Synthetic Assets can hold positions without the need to hold the underlying asset itself. Simply put, these assets hold the same value as another asset, by combining the various derivative products and utility factors that control the underlying asset. A Synthetic Asset could even be an assortment of underlying assets, such that produces the same effect as ownership of another asset. Therefore, investors can utilize multiple financial vehicles instead of only one.

Cryptographic NFT Synthetic Assets

Just like any other Synthetic Asset imaginable, the PBLCNFT´s are a combination of assets that produce the same effect as ownership of the underlying asset like Politicoin (PBLC) or vice versa. As of today, NFTs have until now had only very limited utility, as their values are appraised mainly by the collectors themselves, which have little or no interest for NFT´s other than them being a means to an end, that end of course always being profit. As such sadly, and without doubt; speculative profit motives are what currently drives the adoption of NFT´s. Such unfavourable market behaviour clearly disregards, any other alternative potential use cases of non-fungible tokens.

The truth is rather; that NFT´s as a technology, in its own regard, just like and together with DeFi markets, stands to highlight the overall economic market failures and general financial inequalities in our post-modern society.

As per this vision, of our collective future now unfolding for all to see, it is safe to say; that NFT´s, in an all not too distant future, will become ubiquitous with #Decentralization.

Hence the utility for NFT´s will not only become fundamental for generic token economics, but they will also be an integral part of PUBLICAE´s work as we stand unwavering in the trenches of war where the battle for decentralization arises through Social Justice Activism.

Why now?

DeFi markets have quickly demonstrated how systematic democratization of financial assets, leads to individual emancipation and personal financial liberation. Yet before all of this took place, it would have been utterly impossible for anyone, to even fantasize about creating their own “financial asset”. This domain of financial tools and economic governance has been withheld from the masses, through cultural and economic capital means of repression and monopolistic methods of wealth production hidden from public view.

It wouldn´t be fair to state; that the past market circumstances, were due to ignorance or lack of technology. Let us all not kid ourselves, the societal structures have always yielded its best fruits, only unto those institutionally initiated behind the scenes! There, and still unto this day, they continue to uphold unjustified values of social inequality with economic theoretical jargon based on zero empirical data. Luck would nevertheless have it as such, that since the early start of 2020, the rise of DeFi markets has turned the situation on its head, but there is of course always; two sides to one coin!

Today, anyone can build a financial asset, literally speaking, with a tiny affordable investment which yields them direct entry to access the global markets and sleepless poor traders. By thus joining in liquid collateralized synthetic asset pools, those tired traders can also finally get exposure to assets which previously were unattainable and withheld only for the rich and powerful.

PBLCNFT´s Minting & Vaulting

The total supply of PBLCNFT´s will be capped at $1.37 billion, the initial presale is now live on https://opensea.io/collection/politicoin-nft and will continue during the period before the launch with a 10% initially minted PLCNFT´s available in the coming days and weeks. Following the launch of our synthetic asset engine, the remaining 90% will be minted, slated for Q4 2021. Closer disclosure regarding the technical parameters of our farming features, will be announced during the initial PBLCNFT vaulting period. There will be no whatsoever discounted private sales for accredited investors, hence we seek to prevent greedy deep-pocketed investors from causing havoc volatility with increased risk of liquidations for small collectors and supporters.

Hence, as we continue to work diligently, in order to incentivize our community, and the market at large, our system for staking of Politicoin in synthetic asset liquidity pools, will publicly proclaim to strengthen the ideals of egalitarian reforms against failed Trickle-down economic policies. As political as all of this may sound, it is crucial for our community not to lose sight of the fact; that PUBLICAE is a politically neutral Non-governmental Organization. With this in mind, we will continue to closely monitor the expansive growth of DeFi markets and increasing pace of digitalization and blockchain adoption in the continued emergence of COVID-19 pandemic.

Thus, we invite the world; to join in our efforts by trading and leveraging their crypto exposure through Politicoin Synthetic Asset NFT´s. Mind you, this announcement is a direct incentive towards emancipatory collective action, it would therefore be prudent of us all, to remind not only each other, but also our governments and fellow citizens, that the future despite of all the darkness in the world, is now finally going to see a glimmer of light in the cracks of endless unfair growth and natural devastation. With the help of Synthetic Assets, it is safe to say; that in due time, humanity at last, will be able to quantify and democratize all of Earth´s resources.

“World Game comprehensively details that which individual humans must do to realize total success for all and do so within the critical time limit, before humanity passes the point of no return en route to self-extinction.”

R. Buckminster Fuller, Critical Path


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