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Bridge real-world tangible assets

Synthetic Asset PBLCNFT ́s are assets that produce the same effect as ownership of the underlying asset like gold or silver.

Synthetic Assets based on blockchain technology in all its basic essence, equips smart contracts with integral utility and features through the addition and connection to decentralised liquidity pools. As such, owners of Synthetic Assets can hold positions without the need to hold the underlying asset itself.


The development of PBLCNFT ́s are thus set to unveil PUBLICAE ́s long-term strategic industry-reformative approach to democratization of end-user attention and inherent data-analysis of the PBLC ERC20 token valuation data.

These NFT assets will allow us to bridge real-world tangible assets like commodities to Politicoin ́s structural utility governance.


Today, anyone can build a financial asset, literally speaking, with a tiny affordable investment which yields them direct entry to access the global markets and sleepless poor traders. By thus joining in liquid collateralized synthetic asset pools, those tired traders can also finally get exposure to assets which previously were unattainable and withheld only for the rich and powerful. As per this vision, of our collective future now unfolding for all to see, it is safe to say; that NFT´s, in an all not too distant future, will become ubiquitous with #Decentralization.



See PBLCNFT Collection

The total supply of PBLCNFT´s will be capped at $1.37 billion PBLCNFT value with corresponding burn to Politicoin ($PBLC) erc20 contract (tx), the initial presale is now live on RARIBLE and will continue during the period before the synthetic assets engine launch with a 10% initially minted PLCNFT´s available. Following the release the remaining 90% will be minted.