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NWO.CAPITAL / $STATE Debit Card Plastic QR

$STATE Debit Card Plastic QR

kr 444



NWOMerchant App enables companies to tokenise their sales and customer relation by accepting closed-loop debit cards funded with governance token of PUBLICAE New World Oder $STATE. 

metaSTATE City serves as the economic market layer of the NWO STATE App and will be the primary B2C utility in PUBLICAE´s Metaverse AR GameFi global merchant network and immersive consumer augmented reality.

How to?

  1. Register as User on: metaSTATE.city.
  2. Press “Crypto-Wallets” and create STATE wallet, fund w STATE tokens
  3. Press “Fiat- Add balance” select payment method: STRIPE and add USD funds
  4. Press “Crypto-CryptoCard” follow instructions to order your $STATE Debit Card
  5. Card Orders are sent to production and prepared for shipment 3x weekly. 1st order  in 24 hr!
  6. Chose Card type and pay Shipping cost for you order in NWO Merch Shop
  7. Wait for delivery!

With $STATE debit card can find merchants with NWOMerchant App installed and registered.
1. Merchant enters amount of payment in USD converted to $STATE amount & scans or swipes user debit card.
2.. Amount is debited from user wallet and credited to merchant wallet.

Additional information

Plastic QR

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