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NWO.CAPITAL / Accountability


NWO accountability arises when every individual or community experiences consequences for their performance or actions within our DAO. When each of us follows the guiding principles of STATE, we can expect to see consensus transparency and common ideal participation in our global governance network, according to a set of democratically elected and justified STATE principles of faith.

In any modern democracy, the traditional convention of governance system directs the people towards shared values that lie at the core of public interests. The decentralised nature and narrative of NWO thus enables the exercise of the STATE principles of autonomy and self-determination.

Unlike most existing democracies, which exhibit centralised bureaucracies which progressively undermine the freedoms and ability of citizens to keep elected representatives accountable, STATE principles of faith, seeks to offer responsive reforms on local, regional and international levels of public policy and social activism channels, by such aggregating a democratic consensus which facilitates a global move from ‘government’ to ‘governance’.