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NWO.CAPITAL / Decentralization


The concept of decentralised authority, governing and decision-making systems, are as ideals thousands of years old . As we recognise this fact, we are reminded that even the intellectual mechanisms of religious governance of tenets of faith, have been preceding the concept of blockchain technology for mellenia.

Compared to centralised religions like Catholicism, decentralised religions such as Islamic and Buddhist teachings, tend to discourage secular reforms as it may lead to political instability and further restrict scientific intellectual consensus.

The New World Order, serves as the blueprint for a new decentralised digital world STATE, one which by its mode of authority is bearing witness to such religious and political practices aimed to facilitate multiple singular democratic self-governing nodes. A network operating within the larger system of free sovereign individual capital autonomy, a system which more efficiently can disseminate ideas and knowledge through a democratically governed body working for civic and economic equality.