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NWO.CAPITAL / Democracy


Religious democracy is a form of government where the values of a particular religion affect laws and rules. The term applies to all countries in which religion is incorporated into the form of government. Historically such values have been met by fear or hatred, of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange, as both spiritual values and Gods have remained immaterial and out of touch with man-made laws.

The definition of democracy is disputed and interpreted differently amongst politicians and scholars. PUBLICAE argues that it is not only liberal democracy which is a true democracy, rather we believe; that the recognition of human interconnectedness and mutual interdependence can be foundational for a new governance model for global affairs.

Our DAO is an organization created for people of all political and religious affiliations in order to automate democratic governance and facilitate for the STATE cryptocurrency as the basis on which any religion and political philosophy can be incorporated into a New World Order democracy.