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NWO.CAPITAL / Emancipation


NWO is a neutral and cyclical political and economic theory, whereas the idea of collective human emancipation must be understood; as a democratic governance process of a shared belief and acknowledgement of a constructive scientific rationalisation through the promotion of human rights aimed at community liberation from historical forces of dogmatic capitalism.

We uphold the undeniable rights of the world population; to reframe politics and religions through a democratic blockchain electoral vote based consensus. The STATE governance will include democratically approved systems of beliefs guiding community social practices at its core functions in order to heterogeneously establish a new orderly dimension of global economic influence.

As we together initiate this mystical vision and embark on the significant discourse surrounding public policies, international law, scientifically verifiable truths of social norms and cultural values. Thus we hereby invite all communities to engage with us in the essential effort and mobilization of procurement of quality in power to people.