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NWO.CAPITAL / Pluralism


Pluralism is a term used in philosophy, meaning “doctrine of multiplicity” hence, a New World pluralistic societal Order; must accept many different sorts of people, from different races, sexual orientations, cultures, and religions as being equivocally equal, as there is no one correct logic or framework of faith better than any other.

Tolerance of each other’s beliefs, is the corner stone of our DAO. As such, the self-referential standards which we aim to raise, are set to discourage the false notions of human exceptionalism for the only the few chosen ones as given rights by either nature or nurture. NWO accepts that the value orientations of both individuals and groups will reflect diversity in variety of ideological perspectives with the aim of a shared common goal for the betterment of all humanity.

NWO pluralism is a STATE of being, it is the recognition and affirmation of every individual as a political democratic part of our diverse religious DAO community, whom all must have the same rights, freedoms of association and safety to worship, or not, according to their own conscience.