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STATE Debit Card

Medium of Exchange

NWOMerchant App enables companies to tokenise their sales and customer relation by accepting closed-loop debit cards funded with governance token of PUBLICAE New World Order $STATE. 

metaSTATE.City serves as the economic market layer of the NWO STATE  App and will be the primary B2C utility in PUBLICAE´s Metaverse AR GameFi global merchant network and immersive metaSTATE.World consumer augmented reality.


NWOMerchant App

1. Register/Log in metaSTATE.City
2. Order Registered Debit Card

A closed-loop cryptocurrency debit card system enables users to transact in a closed-loop environment. This means that the system is limited to transactions within the closed environment, and the cardholder can only use it to purchase virtual or tangible goods or products and services within the NWOMerchant platform. The closed-loop system allows for increased security and reduces risk of fraud and unauthorized transactions. PUBLICAE by designing and implementing a closed-loop crypto debit card system aims to ensure compliance with applicable international laws and regulations.

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