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New World Order (STATE) – Fair Launch

The New World Order STATE ERC20 token Fair Launch enables the founders of PUBLICAE to leverage existing networks to bootstrap our governance token distribution and build a long-term highly engaged collaborative community DAO.

Fair launch refers to the equitable and transparent initial distribution of coins in a blockchain project. Fair launches stand in contrast to a token distribution in which a small group of founders and early investors receive special or early access to the tokens, such as was the case with our platform token: Politicoin (PBLC)

What is a Fair Launch?

When we say Fair Launch, we mean:

  • A decentralised crypto network that is earned, owned and governed by the community from the outset.
  • Everyone can participate on equal footing.
  • There is no early access, pre-mine or allocation of tokens.

PUBLICAE Core Values

We believe a major shift is coming in existing global power dynamics, it is made possible by political deception and scientific indoctrination through algorithmic social constructs.

NWO is not exploring and developing our DAO for the sake of economic profit motives through a Fair Launch mechanics enriching but an elected hidden team of developers. We aim to prove to the global population, that the viability of this new governance model, is not only feasible, but is also utterly crucial within the framework of co-existence of science and religion.

A New World Order for the future of humanity, one which stands to reach far beyond the failures of Bitcoin and other speculative blockchains whom have long ago forsaken the ideals and values of true decentralization of knowledge and power!

Date and Time of NWO STATE Fair Launch:

Saturday 21st August 2021 / 4PM CET

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