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Decentralized Autonomous Organization

PUBLICAE offers Tokenization of Political Attention by Empowering Citizens with Social & Economic Equity. Emancipation and enlightenment of the electorate increases voter turn-out and strengthens ethical-normative democratic principles. PUBLICAE ́s blockchain-based Ad-tech reward system is a public discourse, a dialectic exchange of conceptualised values which enables outreach efforts and organisational advertising strategies with rewarded NWO STATE App audience targeting.



See $STATE Contract

The total supply of $STATE yields a deflationary phase with corresponding burns to New World Order ($STATE) erc20 contract to diminish future (circulating supply), the initial fair launch facilitated the commencing of NWO STATE DAO.


“A New World Order for the future of humanity, one which stands to reach far beyond the failures of Bitcoin and other speculative blockchains whom have long ago forsaken the ideals and values of true decentralization of knowledge and power.” Ciprian Pater.