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Ciprian Pater
Chief Executive Officer / Chairman

Responsible for the overall vision and direction of an organisation and administration.

Mirwais Ghairat
Chief Diversity Officer / Vice Chairman

Responsible for team diversity and inclusion, including community multicultural diversity.

Zois Avgerinos
Chief Technical Officer / Co-Founder

Responsible for technology and research, leads platofrm product and service development.

Dr. Suraj Srinivasan
Chief Business Development Officer

Responsible for plans and implementation of processes to support business growth.

Paul Ciorba
Chief Knowledge Officer

Responsible for managing intellectual capital and knowledge management.

Cosmin Carstoiu
Chief Legal Officer

Responsible for overseeing and identifying legal issues in all departments and relations.

Atanu Quicksilver
Chief Marketing Officer

Responsible for facilitating growth, sales and marketing strategy in operational segments.

Mohammad Shakil
Chief Networking OIfficer

Responsible for social capital within the company and between the company and its partners.

Gauis Mapayi
Chief Research Officer

Responsible for research of market conditions and technology that supports our goals.

Klejton Cikaj
Chief Human Resources Officer

Responsible for all aspects of human resource management and industrial relations.

William McGowen
Chief Brand Officer

Responsible for Publicae & NWO STATE brand‘s image, experience, and market promise.