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Donations Query App

In the forthcoming $WW3 Donations App, tailored for expedient and transparent support during WWIII, only token holders have the privilege to submit public pleas for assistance. This feature ensures a community-driven approach, where contributors not only donate but also wield their token holdings to democratically vote and thereby select grant recipients.

The exclusivity of posting rights to token holders underscores a system where aid distribution is both swift and transparent, rooted in the collective decisions of the community, thereby prioritizing the involvement and input of those directly engaged in the network.



The WWIII native application facilitates on-chain public crypto donations queries, exclusively permitting World War III $WW3 on BASE chain token holders to participate in the evaluation process by up or down voting which queries accomplish their grant approvals before set deadlines.

This unique platform will allow holders to either endorse or veto the allocation of token donations and also become recipients of fee-redistributions.

Through this mechanism, only those with token ownership can influence which donation requests are approved by voting and paying the gas fee required to decide the outcome of donations queries, ensuring a democratic and holder-centric decision-making process for the distribution of funds allocated by NWO STATE DAO and the community to people in need.